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Before starting I would like to point out that installing Snowleopard on non-Apple hardware is illegal. What we will have the sole purpose of trying to engineer it so I invite you, after having found that … “yes we can” … to cancel the installation.

To install OSX on HP Mini 100-3102sl I used iPortable Snow_x86.

On a system with Leopard already installed and running, I connected the hard drive of the netbook housed in a USB.
I installed on Leopard the CopyCatX application provided with the image of iPortable Snow.
Launched the application, following the instructions on how-to attached to the package, I transferred the iPortable_Snow_x86 image on the external hd. When operation is finished I turned off the computer and disconnected the external HD, I then proceeded to reassemble the HD on the netbook.
I started by entering the netbook boot options “cpus=1 fsb=i386 arch=166 -f -v”. OSX has loaded successfully and proposed me the startup screen and the recording of personal data.
The screen resolution was detected correctly.
The sound and network cards are not working so I proceeded to fix them.
For the audio (ICH7 intelHDA id 8086:27 d8) I solved by installing VoodooHDA 0.2.2 beta and everything is working perfectly (speakers, headphones, microphone).
For the ethernet card Realtek RTL8101E/8102E (id 10ec: 8136) I used this kext RealtekR1000.kext of Psystar (the chucko did not work) and I installed in /Extra/Extensions after eliminating the old chucko RealtekR1000 from both /S/L/E and /E/E.

For battery management I used this AppleACPIBatteryManager.pkg and everything is working properly.

There was nothing to do with the Broadcom 4313 wireless card (ID 14e4: 4727) I was not able to operate even by entering the hw id in AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext (IO80211Family.kext plugins folder) but I’ve solved in two ways:

1 way) Risky but funny! Since the HP mini 110-3100 came with a insyde bios whitelist wireless hardware devices, no one can change the native wifi half mini pci card with a new one that work on osx. But I’ve found a modded bios of  F.14 version that unlock the whitelist so we are able to install every wifi card without the “104 – Unsupported wireless network device detected” string. The modded bios was released from user Camiloml on and all credits goes to him.

You have only download this file and execute it in Windows. After bios update you’ll be enabled to change the wifi card. I think that file can be used on a lot of hp mini 110-3100 series devices but I’ve only tested on mine HP mini 110-3102sl. You can figure out if you can apply to yours checking on hp support site if for your device you have a “sp51072.exe” bios update file. If so probably is also good for your device but I’m not sure.

Attention: I’ve installed this bios on my HP mini 110-3102sl and all worked fine and now I’m happy with my airport “BCM4310 14e4:4315” but I will not have any responsibility for any damage of yuor netbook if something goes wrong.

2 way) The easy way – Solved the problem buying a mini Wi-Fi (or rather … “minissimo”) usb EDUP EP-N8508 here (great seller) and downloading the software from the realtek site (version CU or CUS).

Once finished the installation, I launched the script pfix (/Hackintosh Tools/pfix) and repaired disk permissions with disk utility and I used Lizard app to edit permanent boot options. I chose to use the default legacy_kernel, I put the options in 1024x600x32@60 “Graphic resolution” and I put the kernel flag “cpus=1 fsb=166 arch=i386”.

Upon restart, most of the essential components was up and running. Specifically worked: the sound card, ethernet card, webcam hp, energy management.

At this point, I downloaded the 10.6.6 ComboUpgrade 10.6.8 ComboUpgrade, the MultiBeast tools and legacy_kernel-10.6.6.pkg legacy_kernel-10.6.8.pkg

WARNING! Pay close attention to the steps below. I suggest you to read everything first and then proceed with the execution of the steps in the exact order in which they describe.

Once you have downloaded all the software mentioned above, I proceeded in this way:

1) I deleted SleepEnabler.kext (check both /S/L/E and /E/E);

2) I just opened multibeast without launching it.

3) I launched comboupdate10.6.6 and waited till finish the installation. When installation is finished, when proposed restart, I don’t restarted and I left it open.

4) At this point, I launched MultiBeast and I have selected only EasyBeast install and waited it to finish the installation.

5) Once installation is finished by EasyBeast MultiBeast tools, I launched Legacy_kernel-10.6.0.pkg (legacy_kernel install the 10.6.6) and I expected it to finish the installation.

Once finished the installation of legacy_kernel, I clicked the “restart” of the combo upgrade installer.
After a while waiting (normal), the system has rebooted and everything worked fine.

Things still to be fixed are: Broadcom 4313, realtek card reader and hope that someone will create a driver for the GMA3150 video card to activate QE/CI.

Good setup to all.

Ps: Since without QE/CI in Snow leopard the and not work, I used this how-to (in italian – use google to translate) to solve the problem.


  1. Molte grazie, Signore – have modified your procedure & succeded in updating SnowLeo from 10.6.0 to 10.6.8
    on Dell 640M / interested contemporaries may look at this protocol: QjCxxGmfTQ/edit?pli=1
    Best regards to you!

  2. Would like to replace the damaged link published above, and show you the most simple & reliable procedure for USB-installing 10.6 with one-step- updating to 10.6.8:
    For WiFi I’m using D-Link DWL-G122, after all trials with mini-PCi-cards failed.
    Best regards & success 4u!

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